Have you ever wondered how Web sites like this one can offer a free service without any ads? It's through the donations of people like you! ROA is currently raising funds to hire another developer so we can make ROA even more powerful.

In the fall of 2009, I determined that Launching RememberOneAnother would require full-time effort on my part and consequently left my full-time job as a software developer. As I have written elsewhere, the Lord's call on my life to do this work has been very strong, and we (my wife, five children, and myself) are trusting Him to provide what is needed. I have spent the last six months working full time on ROA to get it launched and have allocated personal savings to replace my income for that time. Going forward, there will be hosting fees as well as custom development of new features like the much-requested iPhone app. If you support the mission and would like to help, I would be very grateful for your assistance. If the Lord so leads, you can donate via PayPal.

Your servant in Christ,
David Chandler
Atlanta, GA

PS RememberOneAnother Corp. is organized as a not-for-profit in the state of Georgia; however, we have not yet filed 501(c)3 papers with the IRS, so donations are not yet tax-deductible.